Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Black Ops Testing Workshop January 2015 Report

I updated the site to include information on the Black Ops Testing Workshop from January 2015.

This was a hands on, practical workshop which provides a good set of challenges and opportunities to participants.

You can read my write up.

Also, one of the participants, Duncan Nisbet wrote about his experience on the workshop.

I also summarised some API testing notes over on

This is the type of workshop that we can offer onsite to your teams. So contact me if this is something you would like to offer to your staff.

Speaking at Test Automation Day 2015

I will be presenting a Keynote at the Test Automation Day on 18th June 2015.

The audience appears to be a mix of practitioners and managers which is useful since I plan to talk about my experiences of automation from a perspective of a practitioner, and as a manager.

I know what it is like to be a practitioner who is managed by people with no automation experience, so I plan to offer advice from my experience on how to help those managers.

Similarly, I'll include advice for those managers, on how to deal with and recruit, the automation practitioners:

  • without putting irrelevant overhead in their way
  • without being bamboozled and led down the wrong path

I'll also delve into my experience to provide as many practical examples as I can on simple steps to take to 'get' or 'keep' your automation working, focused and improving.

It should be fun to pull out lessons from stories of my mistakes. And I'm sure I'll learn from revisiting those experiences.

Site Refresh January 2015

I gave the site a quick refresh in January.

I have been looking at static site generators: Hugo, DocPad.

But neither of them went quite as far as I wanted them to, and I didn't want to have to perform a large migration effort.

Instead I refreshed the look and feel of the site a little.

Since this site uses completely homegrown code, and has evolved over the years as I've worked on it, it has a fairly good separation between domain, content and presentation. by this I mean I model the entities for the site as objects e.g. conference, book review, etc. Then there are content pages which describe this. And then there is a template presentation layer.

If I manage to make this separation clean enough then migrating to other systems should be simpler, but I've done enough that it doesn't look too 1990's but still meets my needs of being easy to add content to.

While I don't recommend this custom approach to anybody, it does have the benefit that I keep my hand in with CSS, HTML, JavaScript, JSON, XML, Data Modelling, PHP etc.

And if you do ever have to do this, I found the FTP Folder comparison features of Beyond Compare essential.

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Recent Conferences Updated with Slides and Videos

I've just uploaded to the site the information about:

  • October
    • StarWest 2014
      • held a one day tutorial on "Selenium WebDriver with Java"
      • session talk "Page Object Abstractions and Beyond"

    • November
      • Oredev 2014
        • session talk "Confessions of An Accidental Security Tester"
        • session talk "Page Object Abstractions and Beyond"
      • Agile Testing Days 2014
        • performed the closing keynote "Helping Testers Add Value in Agile"
        • held a new one day tutorial "Technical Testing in Agile"
        • led a double track workshop "Black Ops Testing Workshop"
    If you follow the links, you can see all the presentation slides, and a few recorded videos of the talk.

    I've produced a lot of new material this year, so expect to see some of it appear in a packaged form on this web site next year.

    Monday, 8 September 2014

    Resources for conferences in early 2014 added to site

    I have uploaded the conference pages to have the materials I used in presentations early in the year.

    You can find:

    Details of my other conference talks are on the Conferences page.

    Thursday, 4 September 2014

    Events for the End of 2014

    2014 will end with a round of conference talks, in between consultancy engagements.

    Below is the current list of upcoming events:

    You can find the list of conferences on the main site.

    Friday, 25 April 2014

    More Speaking Engagements in 2014 - April, May, November

    I thought 2014 was going to be a nice quiet year where I could focus on more online course building and writing. Instead I'm speaking at more conferences and onsite at ever more companies. Below is the current list of upcoming events:
    • Test Management Summit 2014
      • In April, I'll be presenting a half day tutorial on WebDriver and leading a discussion session on Automation Abstractions.
    • StarEast 2014
      • In May, Where I will be presenting my "One Day Hands On with WebDriver and Java" Tutorial and a Lightning Keynote
    • Let's Test 2014
      • In May, Where I will be presenting a hands on tutorial on Automation Abstractions, and a workshop on skill acquisition.
    • Agile Testing Days 2014
      • In November, I'll be presenting a Keynote on working with testing in Agile Teams, and a tutorial on "Technical WebTesting on Agile projects". The tutorial should be hands on, and lots of fun. More details on the Agile Testing Days site soon.
    A few other conferences are still at the discussion stage for later in the year - hopefully I'll be able to post more news soon.

    I do still have some time free consultancy, or internal training, so contact me for times when I'll be available to help you.

    You can find the list of conferences on my main site.